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1 year ago

How to Decide Whether Or Not You Need Relationship Therapy

How to Decide Whether Or Not You Need Relationship Therapy

Hundreds of couples seek couples therapy every year. Knowing the right time to look for marriage counseling San Diego is not an easy task. Seeking help before its too late is very crucial as the longer the problems linger the difficult it would be to reconcile the differences. Unfortunately, most couples find it very hard to admit that they have a problem that they cannot resolve them self.


All couples want to enjoy a perfect relationship. All relationships, whether it's with a loved one at home or your spouse or with a co-worker, needs constant work. Relationships are not all flowers and happiness, it goes through both good times and bad times and this sometimes leads to anger, negative feelings and contempt towards each other.


Determining the best time to get marriage counseling San Francisco and taking the first steps to solve your relationship problem can be easier if you know what signs to look for. If your partner and you are experiencing any of such signs then it would be time to find help, especially if you wouldn't want to see the end of your relationship and love each other.

The very first sign that would signal the need for a relationship counselor San Diego is when couples start negatively communicating with each other. If you find that speaking to your partner always ends up getting negative and nasty and you are unable to say anything positive or nice to each other, regardless of the reason for this situation, this is a sure sign for the need of relationship therapy. With a relationship counsellor sitting with you, both of you will be able to talk about your problems in a neutral environment. You can also learn new communication techniques that will get rid of the negativity that is created when you communicate.


Communication should always be good in all relationships. If you are unable to express your feelings without reservations and can't discuss problems without getting into an argument, then both of you need to learn how to communicate and listen to each other without ending up in a fight.


If a partner has had an affair or fling and neither one of you is willing to let go, then behaving as if nothing happened is not going to help. You will need some external help to communicate your feelings and to get over the bitter part of your relationship. Affairs can cause major mistrust, without trust no relationship can survive. A relationship therapist San Diego can help you overcome the past in a neutral and controlled environment where both of you can decide if you are able to work towards a happy future together

2 years ago

Marriage Counselling To Save Your Relationship

Marriage Counselling To Save Your Relationship

A family serves as a building block of the society; a happy family contributes to a healthier society. The marriage counselling San Diego helps married couples to enhance and building their bond. It also helps in resolution of differences.


Marriage counselling is more like a psychotherapy provided to the married couples to solve their differences or martial problems. Most of these problems can be solved by a small counselling session. Sometime a prolonged therapy may be required where both husband and wife need to meet the counsellor individually and several times. The couples therapy San Diego sessions can help in improving you relationship with your spouse by working on your emotional, mental and behavioural problems.


Marriage conflicts and waning love from the relationship is universal problem. People who want to save their marriage seek help of love therapist to sort out differences and misunderstanding. The main problem behind most of the issues is lack of communication and inability to extract time for each other from busy schedule. Other problem that may cause it is ego, clashes, frustration, infidelity and anger. A timely counselling with San Diego marriage counselling can solve these problems through love, affection and commitment. The first step in any marriage counselling is to identify the problems that are causing commotion in the marriage. The counsellor then looks for the ways and means to rekindle the lost love that is needed in any broken relationship by solving the problems prevailing and healing the wounds.

Marriage counselling is mostly practiced by trained a psychotherapist who specializes in the family systems. Psychologists help their clients to resolve their family problems via interactive sessions. The marriage counsellor offers a fresh new perspective to the problem you are facing. A psychotherapist can also use new strategies to overcome the glooms of bad marriage.


Once you knew its time, to seek the advice of a counsellor do not wait. Its best not to wait until the anger and hurt have reached to a limit it can’t be healed. It’s not possible to save all marriages but most of them can. Most marriage on the verge of breaking up can be saved with the help of good counselling. While you look towards selecting a marriage counsellor keep in mind to check his training, background and experience in the field. Also be sure that he has the license for working as a counsellor. Other things that are also needed to be considered are the fees, insurance cover and the duration for which the therapy will last. 

2 years ago

Get Couples Therapy to Resolve your Relationship Issues

Get Couples Therapy to Resolve your Relationship Issues

Among other things Good communication is the key to a happy relationship. It is very unfortunate that divorce rate all over the world is on the rise. Counseling for Couples or Couples therapy San Francisco is intended for resolving problems between husband and wife so that they can lead a peaceful life devoid of heated arguments and serious conflicts. The psychologist or the therapist helps the couples to identify the real problems they face and suggest amendments and behavior so that both partners are happy with the relationship. Couples therapy is a blend of psychotherapy, education and mediation.


The quality of communication between partners is the most important factor that distinguishes happy relationships from the unhappy ones. The ability to communicate properly is essential for relationship stability and satisfaction at the end of the day. In other words, differences of opinion, number of problems or personality traits has nothing to do with unhappy or happy relationships. Instead, how couples talk about their differences and problems is what really matters. Communication is the key to a satisfied relationship, and this is something that can easily be learned if the partners really want to make their relationship work. The lack of it has been the reason for the end of many relationships.


All couples have their own unique problems. During couples therapy San Diego, the cause of the problems is identified with the help of a psychologist or therapist. For instance, if a couple argue a lot, in the sessions they will be made to think about the reasons for those arguments in an attempt to find a solution. The solution could be altering the way they communicate with each other, behavioral changes or their reaction to different situations.


During marriage counseling San Francisco couples become skilled at how to recognize negative forms of communication and learn how to improve effective communication and techniques for problem solving. They learn how to use their resources and creativity to protect the strength of their bond while meeting the many challenges of life. Couples are taught that speaking one’s mind and listening to the other person is equally important. They understand that they need to achieve a common goal of a happy relationship by supporting each other and sharing their problems. All of which not only makes both the partners positive about their relationship, but also gives them the required tools for leading a happy life.

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